private Art Lessons & Creative Mentorship

Build your creative confidence and find success as an artist with personalized lesson plans and mentorship. We’ll dive deep into self expression, inspiration, and learn the skills necessary to reach your personal goals as an artist, experimenting with various mediums and techniques along the way.

about the teacher

My name is Summer Toler - I’m an artist and illustrator based in Orlando, FL. My work as a teacher dates back to my high school years when I began tutoring a special needs student and my work as an artist began around the same time as well. I studied psychology at the University of Central Florida from 2013-2016. Teaching art allows me to combine my passion for human development with my passion for creative expression. You’ll find that in addition to giving you the tools and techniques to increase your skill, I encourage you to know yourself more deeply, to connect with the world around you, and to let the inspiration that follows move through you and into whatever it is that you’re creating.


I’m based in Orlando, FL and will travel throughout Central Florida to meet you where you’re at. Lessons take place either at your home or at the public library, with occasional field trips to local places of interest.

If you’re located outside of my travel zone I will work with you remotely via Skype. In this case, I won’t be sitting with you as you work, but will be facilitating discussions, giving assignments, and checking in throughout your journey.

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who is it for?

I work with people of all ages and backgrounds, from preschool to full-blown adult. If you’re interested in growing as an artist and creative, these lessons are for you.

what to expect

We’ll begin with a free phone call in which we get to know each other and discuss whether or not this is a good fit for you or your child.

From there, I’ll create personalized lessons to fit your specific goals. No two students ever receive the exact same curriculum.

Some examples of what we might encounter in a session include: new medium exploration, self-expression through lines and colors, self-portrait collage, painting for anxiety relief and relaxation, drawing the future, making zines, perspective, color theory and psychology, cartooning, creating expressive characters, character design, anatomy and figure drawing, turning your craft into a business, breaking through creative blocks, using Copic markers, intro to procreate, watercolor, collaborative creation, idea generation, and the list goes on. There is no limit to what we can create together.

Reach out to schedule a time for a free phone consultation!