“Movement in the Stillness” began as an exploration inspired by none other than Pinterest. I saw an image of simple black lines on a white background which prompted me to explore a more abstract style than I was used to. I loved the simplicity of it. I hadn’t done much work with watercolors or gouache either so I saw this experiment as the perfect opportunity to break out of my comfort zone. I had so much fun playing and began to see my own thoughts being brushed onto the paper. What I saw was a contrast that existed both within and outside of myself - hard and soft, colorless and colorful, movement and stillness.

This piece brought to me a love of simplicity. When we eliminate all the fluff, what’s revealed to us is easy to grasp yet equally evocative as more elaborate works. I appreciate the ability of abstract art to take a complex subject and translate it into simple visuals.

When I now look at this painting I am reminded of the harmony that exists between opposites as well as what can be learned when we trust our intuition to guide us into unknown territory.

Gouache & watercolor on paper. 18 1/8” x 12”