Just Peachy

I consider myself to be an HSP (highly sensitive person). When someone asks what that means I often find it difficult to explain. While there’s a lot that goes into it, I think it can be humorously summed up in a story of one very sad peach:

Taking a break from college papers, I decided to treat myself to a juicy peach only to find that the first bite brought me to tears, which continued for longer than I’d like to admit. This very sad peach was reminiscent of cardboard in both taste and color. I cried because I felt so sad about how poor the soil must have been that grew this peach and then about our entire agriculture system.

I say all of this only to say that this painting was inspired by the peach that redeemed that one. An organically grown Colorado peach. It was so juicy and sweet, and the colors that I saw when I took that first bite were enough to make me pull out the paints. Life might hand you a cardboard peach every now and then, but there is hope for a brighter tomorrow. I tell you from experience.

Acrylic and watercolor on paper. 12” x 9”