Back to earth

What can I say about this painting other than “this is me.” My heart and soul… and a lot of my time went into creating this piece.

From having my friend pose with an armful of pillows and blankets to adding the last flickers of stars, this is by far the most thoughtful and challenging process I’ve endured with a painting. I’ve struggled for a while to come to terms with the amount of compassion that I have for the earth - it hurts. But through the process of feeling I’ve come to realize how healing the tears are, thus why they are represented as rainbows pouring over the earth.

While many people have and will look at this painting and say “Wow, that’s so sad, “ I hope that those same people and others will realize the beauty of feeling and how necessary it is to feel- to have compassion for our planet if we ever want to change it. Feeling is healing, folks.

Acrylic on canvas. 20” x 24”