Summer Thyme Designs

Summer Thyme Designs is a solo artist endeavor created and run by me, Summer Toler, out of my home in Boulder, Colorado. My mission is to create art that offers a space for people of diverse backgrounds to connect to the beauty in themselves and the world around them.

I am a passionate, highly sensitive, and silly individual - that often shows in my creations. A typical day finds me creating at home, cooking, sharing conversation over tea, writing, exploring, or snuggling up with my fiance.

I have always been a creative soul with many different outlets. In my college years, I began devoting myself to painting. It helped me to process my emotions and navigate life on my own. That being said, It was only in the past year that I truly began to see myself as an artist and to show other people my creations. I started to have a little faith in my inner creator and with that confidence I saw my abilities begin to bloom. While I still love the feeling of paint on canvas, my current work as an illustrator finds me working closely with marker and ink. Through illustration I’ve found a lightheartedness and a connection with my inner-child.

I find inspiration through both my day and night dreams. I love to take those little flickers of imagery and bring them into reality to share with others. While I’m never quite sure what will emerge from the dreamy state, there are a few themes that tend to present themselves more than others: a deep connection with the earth and the natural realm with a little magic and glitter mixed in.

In addition to my original Summer Thyme creations I offer commissions to help bring your dreams into reality! Don’t hesitate to reach out!